Monday, 12 November 2012

Sunset at St Paul's Cathedral, London

On the very top of St Paul's Cathedral is perched the Golden Gallery. You will have to climb 528 steps to reach it. Many of the steps are knee-high and the stone is worn uneven from the hundreds of centuries of shuffled feet. When you reach the dome the stone steps are replaced by a vertical scaffolding that is wobbling and shaking with every step you take. Not many people make it to the top, but once you have overcome the paralysing fear and the sickening sensation of vertigo you are rewarded with a magnificent open-air view of London that spins 360 degrees.
I ventured up to the Golden Gallery in a skirt and high-heeled boots. Later, much later that day when I reached the solid ground again I half-expected the Cathedral's staff to give me a prize, perhaps a deep-tissue leg massage. Sadly no one obliged, so I hailed a black cab outside the front steps and headed for my favourite bar for some resuscitating champagne.  

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