Tuesday, 20 November 2012

20-Minute Workout

At Triyoga, London

If you have 20 minutes to spare, use it to make yourself feel good. 20 minutes of stretching and toning a few times a week adds up at the end of each month. It is a short enough time to fit into most days and long enough to keep the body in a good shape.
You can do the following workout anywhere any time of the day. Keep an exercising or yoga mat in the office and pack it into the suitcase when you travel. 
Put on some music if you like and switch off the mobile phone. Take 10 deep breaths in each step and then move on to the next one. You will feel so much better afterwards:

1. Stand up and do a few slow head and shoulder rolls
2. Bend the knees and roll slowly to a forward bend. Do the one I am showing on photo nr 2. Bending forward releases tension in the neck, shoulders and back
3. Move on to a gentle side stretch
4. Do a couple of wrist and forearm stretches. These feel particularly good if you spend more time at your computer than you should 
5. Roll down to Downward Facing Dog. Don't lift the leg. Spread yourself out, all 4 paws on the floor and take 10 very deep breaths
6. Move slowly to Plank
7. Lower yourself slowly and with control to the floor and do upper body lifts. This will firm the back, buttocks and legs
8. Back to Downward Facing Dog and 10 breaths here. Throw in a few Facial Exercises to keep the face looking youthful and rosy
9. Then Side Arm Plank on both sides. Side Arm Plank is great for toning the waist and keeping it narrow
9. Lie on your back, pull your knees towards your chest and roll on your spine a few times
10. Do stomach exercises either with bent or straight legs. A set of 3 and 10 breaths in each set
11. Move on to a backbend. Backbends feel particularly good after stomach exercises. They also help keep a good posture if you tend to hunch at your desk or spend too much time on the sofa watching TV
12. Do a twist either this or this. Twists cleanse the internal organs and have a detoxifying effect
14. Stand up and finish with a Shoulder Stretch. Then roll up slowly and take a few seconds to feel the difference 20 minutes can make! 
15. If you have 3-5 more minutes, spend it in a lovely deep relaxation, which is called Savasana. Savasana is related to a better sleep and weight loss.

Repeat this workout a few times a week. To keep it fresh and lively, click on the links and use the options & variations I have given.

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