Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Healthy Digestive System

I don't own a TV - films look much better projected on a wall - but one sleepless night at a hotel after raiding the minibar for champagne I reached for the remote control, and couldn't make it work. So many more buttons since I last operated one. Why? Can  a remote control do anything more than change the channels nowadays? One cappuccino, please. Wait, make that another glass of champagne.
After some vigorous thumb action and associated swearing, the latter helped more than the former, a channel produced itself and I started to sample the available selection. A comedy series about seraphic women called Karaduishians/Karmushians/Karlushians(sp?) (the actresses were sensational), pouting news readers, mediocre films and ads, ads and more ads.
What was striking about the ads was the large percentage dedicated to various digestion problems: yogurts that improve digestion, soft drinks that improve digestion, over-the-counter pills that improve digestion, prescription drugs that improve digestion, morning cereals that improve digestion.
As any sane person knows, digestion-related products are a multi-billion dollar industry. Clever marketing tricks, psychology and visual enhancements are applied to sell the products. Scientific studies are regularly and covertly funded by companies whose interests lie in developing new digestion-aiding products. These "studies" favour a certain outcome that is agreed on beforehand with participating scientists. Even journalists and reporters are regularly bribed to brag about the studies' results in fabricated articles. A recent article by Ben Goldacre in The Guardian and his TED talk reveal just how devious this game is globally.
In truth, the only thing that keeps the digestion organs in a good working order is not a pill or cleverly marketed yogurt, but the everyday food. The body loves simple wholesome food eaten at regular intervals. The better the diet, the better the digestion. Herbal teas are a good start. And the skin will glow too.
In yoga, it is believed that twists and breathing exercises restore and maintain digestive organs' healthy system. Twists massage the internal organs and breathing exercises release the stress gathered in the stomach. Yoga is known to cure even chronic conditions without any side effects.
If the digestion problems are persistent, before reaching for medicines or miracle foods think twice, it's my only advice.

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