Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sea Salt Body Scrub

In Israel, I had a wonderfully exhilarating experience in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has a very high salt content, so high that it is impossible to swim in it. Instead, you float naturally and without any effort. The experience of weightlessness is similar to, I imagine, floating in the space, where the movements are slow and dreamlike. Discovering a new way to move in the Dead Sea, as an adult who is used to being in an upright position, was exhilarating and liberating.
Sea salt has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years. Salt draws out impurities and toxins, leaving the skin soft and the overall feeling light. The scrub is especially beneficial if you live in a big city, such as London, and have a busy lifestyle. Let your body tell you when you need the scrub; for some it is once a week, for others once a month.
Real sea salt is grey in colour. I buy coarse sea salt and grind it in my coffee grinder, but you can also buy it ready-ground in health-food shops. I advise against white table salt, because it is stripped of all minerals and mixed with anti-caking chemicals. Similarly, ready-made body scrubs are best to avoid, as they are full of chemical preservatives, alcohol and artificial aromas, none of which is good for the skin. 

Sea Salt Body Scrub 
1 cup of ground sea salt
3-5 tablespoons of water
1 tablespoon of oil (olive, sesame, almond, jojoba)
5 drops of essential oil mixed in oil (rose, lavender, vanilla, lemongrass, neroli, peppermint, bergamot, juniper, etc)

Mix all the ingredients together and massage onto the skin. Don't forget the soles of the feet, in-between the toes, the elbows and the neck. Enjoy the lovely feeling.
If you have honey in your pantry, treat your face to a nourishing honey mask while applying the sea salt scrub. 

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