Thursday, 3 November 2011

Homemade Hair Mask

Hair can lose its shine and lusciousness in big polluted cities. Frequent treatments, colours, blow drying, straightening and cosmetic shampoos also weaken the hair and roots, causing split ends or the hair to fall out. There really is no reason to go to a hairdressers more often than a couple of times a year; more frequent visits indicate that the hair is overtreated but undercared.

Oil conditioner
Oil masks strengthen the hair and give it shine. For best results, apply them once a month. I use organic extra virgin olive oil or organic sesame oil from my kitchen, but you are welcome to improvise with any other type of natural oil. The so-called baby oils and ready-made hair oils are, in fact, 100% chemical, so I would not use them.
Warm up a few spoonfuls of oil and then take 5 minutes to slowly massage the golden liquid into your scalp and hair. The hair does not need to be dripping with oil, merely coated with it. Leave the oil into the hair to condition it for up to 2 hours and then wash off, twice, using a gentle organic shampoo.

Nutrition from food
It is worth noting that the biggest boost for health comes from food. Seaweed contains ten to twenty times the minerals of land plants and an abundance of vitamins. Adding seaweed to everyday diet will improve the quality of hair and skin.
Spirulina is another precious aquatic food product that makes the hair and skin glow. Money worth spent.


Nikos said...

Seaweed served in Chinese restaurants that looks like deep fried green crepe paper is not sea weed presumably?

Ulrika said...

I wouldn't touch that stuff. Whatever it is, it is not seaweed.

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Ulrika said...

Hi Hailey,
Thank you for contacting me. You are very welcome to add my website to your blog roll.
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