Monday, 7 November 2011

Eagle Pose or Garudasana

Balances are very important exercises in yoga. A good physical balance helps maintain a good mental balance. Unless you are already doing so, I would recommend adding a balance to your daily yoga practice.
When doing Eagle, which I am showing above, find your physical core first. Your physical core is situated an inch or two below the solar plexus. Then centre yourself mentally and unite the two points. When you have done so, you will notice that it is impossible to fall over in any balance even when the eyes are shut.

A memo for Eagle: 
* first wrap one leg around the other, then one arm around the other;
* then sit low. You should feel a gentle burn in your thighs;
* when you are in position, pull your elbows away from your body and lift your arms towards the sky. You should feel a stretch between the shoulder blades;
* check if the body has tilted forward. If so, bring yourself back to an upright position;
* take 10 very deep slow breaths into your stomach and upper back and repeat Eagle on the other side;
* for an extra oomph, try the exercise with your eyes close. Not easy, but my idea of fun.
For easier or more difficult balances, please click here.

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