Thursday, 20 October 2011

Side Arm Plank or Vasisthasana

 At TriYoga, London

Side Arm Plank belongs to the Plank family and is a great exercise to tone and strengthen the whole body. I do it a few times a week during my daily yoga. This exercise is great for toning the waist.

Side Arm Plank memo: 
* if you are a beginner or have any wrist problems, do this exercise on your elbow
* make sure your hand or elbow is directly underneath your shoulder
* only the outer edge of the foot touches the floor. No cheating please
* the upper foot has several variations to choose from. The easiest is to have it straight on the lower foot, ankles touching. I am showing Tree variation
* push your hips and waist towards the sky. Doing this will tone the side and stomach muscles. In return you will get a small waist and toned buttocks, if this is what you desire to have, or already have and wish to maintain
* take 10 deep and slow breaths through the nose and then repeat the exercise on the other side

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