Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wrist and Hand Stretch

Some years ago I had extreme pain in my wrist, caused by the computer mouse. When I visited a physiotherapist, she told me she would give me a massage. I smiled and started to undress, thinking or perhaps hoping she meant a full body massage. But to my disappointment the bodily limit was the shoulder. Still, I did leave with a couple of excellent stretches that helped my wrist get better. I still do them when I have been on a computer too long.

If you have pain in one or both wrists, do the following stretch regularly:
- interlace your fingers
- the elbows are slightly bent
- pull the hands to your right and then to your left. You should feel the stretch in your wrist and all the way to your elbow
- change hands and repeat the exercise on the other side
- when done, shake the arms gently


Indigoaalane said...

mind aitab kõige paremini selline harjutus. Sirutan käed ette ja keeran siis kätt nagu annab sissepoole. Väga hästi lõõgastab arvutivaevuste vastu

Ulrika said...

Lisan veel nii palju, et kõik need harjutused pole mitte ainult arvutivaevuste vastu. Ka mõned joogastiilid on randmetele rasked (nt. klassikaline ashtanga). Ka pilates. Siis võib paljusid harjutusi teha rusikate peal ja pärast randmeid venitada, nagu pildil näitan.