Monday, 4 July 2011

Jojoba Oil

When I was studying economics and finance in London, one of the study cases revealed what skincare companies invest in. I was shocked at how much money is spent on advertising and how little on products themselves.
Most shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, scrubs and masks are full of chemicals and preservatives to keep the cost of ingredients down while maximising the profit. In addition, alcohol is widely used in all products, highstreet cheap and designer expensive, but as we all know, alcohol dries the skin and ages it prematurely.
What heavily photoshopped ads promise is very different from the truth itself. In England, beauty products' ads get banned regularly because of their unrealistic claims and heavily photoshopped models. Cosmetic companies sell women lies and untruths.

Natural oils
It is very easy to make your own natural beauty products. I moisturise my face with jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), which is light and nourishing, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Buy cold-pressed certified organic oil from a reputable source. Contrary to popular belief, natural oil does not clog up the pores; it is the chemical variety skin won't absorb.
I often add a few drops of avocado, carrot, rose or sea buckthorn oil to my jojoba oil. All are rich in nourishing properties.

Natural skincare
In addition to jojoba oil, I cleanse the face with a milk product and remove the eye makeup with organic olive or sesame oil. I believe in the wisdom that it is best not to put on your skin what you wouldn't put in your mouth to eat.
Some women don't have the confidence to use natural skincare products, thinking designer labels elevate their status and improve their skin. Such slavishness is regrettable, because skin won't be fooled. Undernourishment and bad care will show up on the face sooner rather than later.   

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