Thursday, 9 December 2010

Triangle or Utthita Trikonasana

   At Triyoga, London

Triangle is a beautiful yoga pose. It opens up the chest area and lets the breath travel freely and deeply in and out of the lungs. Triangle also stretches the sides, neck and legs. 

When doing Triangle:
* go into the pose gracefully and with control. The slower you do it the harder - and better - it is for you;
* reach first towards the front of the room to gain length. Only when you can go no further, grab whatever you can (the knee, toes, floor);
* open the chest and twist it upwards. This is difficult, but good for your internal organs. Breathe deeply into the stomach 5 times. The side muscles may hurt a little, but you'll live;
* if you have a stiff neck, look straight ahead or down to the floor. Be kind to your neck and don't do any damage to it;
* the commonest mistake is to lean on the bottom hand to support the body. Instead, make your legs strong and rely on them as well as your stomach and side muscles to hold yourself up. The bottom hand should only lightly touch the knee, toes or floor;
* when you come up, do it slowly on an inbreath. Use the stomach and side muscles to pull you up and spend a whole slow breath doing so. This will guarantee to get rid of any love handles around the waist, should you have any.

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