Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Gravity-Defying Warrior III or Virabhadrasana III

For a change I thought I would share an asana with you I love to hate: Warrior III. Warrior exercises are strengthening, grounding and increase the capacity to focus better both in yoga and in life. Warrior III, however, never gets easier even when I have done it hundreds of times. But I keep practising. 

Welcome to hell: 
* stand tall on both legs and press the soles of your feet firmly against the floor. If your foundation is wobbly, you will never be able to hold the balance. Then start taking one of your legs back and both arms forward
* try to feel intuitively when you have reached a T shape and then expand your body in every direction
* take 5 deep and steady breaths
* hold yourself up mainly with your stomach muscles, not the back muscles. Make your core strong
* come up slowly with control and while breathing in
* good luck with the other side!

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