Friday, 1 October 2010

Gentle Side Stretch

This is a good stretch if you are stuck at your desk in front of a computer. And who isn't, hmm?
1. Lift your arms above your head and really reach for the sky.
2. Breathe deeply into your lower ribs and stomach. Let your ribcage expand like a balloon.
3. Breathe in deeply, grab your right wrist and as you slowly breathe out stretch to your left.
4. Keep your lower ribs in and pull your shoulders back. Make sure your waist doesn't collapse.
5. Hold the stretch and breathe slowly and deeply into your side.
6. When you have had enough, come up slowly and on an in-breath. Using the side muscles will get rid of any love handles.
7. Change wrists and go back to no 1.
8. When you have done both sides, roll your head and shoulders a few times.

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