Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Cool Foot Stretches

I always include a couple of toe and foot stretches in my yoga practice. Foot care is very important, but too often neglected. No pretty pedicure covers up deformed toes, bunions and bulging veins on calves and thighs. I also recommend regular reflexology to maintain optimum health of the legs as well as the whole body.

Toe and foot stretches
The first stretch is for the lymph nodes on top of the feet. By putting pressure on the nodes you increase the lymph flow. Lymphatic nodes are vital for the health of the immune system, filtering out viruses, harmful bacteria and toxins. Increasing the lymph flow thus improves overall health.
The second stretch is good for toes if you wear hard-soled, high-heeled, tight or otherwise ill-fitting shoes. It stretches all the little joints, which is beneficial for the blood circulation. Make sure you bring also the little friends - the little toes - forward, otherwise you may break their bones by sitting directly on them.
Both stretches may hurt a little, but be brave and take 5 deep breaths before coming out.

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